Russia And The Republics Physical Map

Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools. This teaching tool is a great way to learn more about former soviet union.

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Its easternmost tip is the chukchi peninsula.

Russia and the republics physical map. There are 22 republics in russia most named for their indigenous ethnic group. This is a quiz called russia eurasian republics physical map and was created by member knewsom. The mountains form the border between russia and transcaucasia a region that consists of the republics of armenia azerbaijan and georgia.

The former soviet union. This is a quiz called russia and the republics physical map quiz lchs and was created by member negativexero. Physical map of russia equirectangular projection.

At approximately 6592850 square miles russia is the worlds largest country based on area. Signup for our newsletter keep up with scribble maps product announcements and events. Unit 5 physical map.

Republics quiz geography quiz just click on the map to answer the questions about the federal subjects in russia. Dont worry this map quiz game can make you an expert on the russian republics in no time. Republics map quiz game.

While russia is still the biggest the 14 other republics are relatively small by comparison. Farther east along the southern border of russia and the republics rises a colossal wall of mountains including the tian shan shown below. This is a user created quiz.

Click on above map to view higher resolution image. Start studying physical geography of russia and the republics. From adygeya to udmurtskaya respublika you can count on this.

That connection can help some you remember some of the names but nailing all 22 republics will take some serious studying. Countries map quiz game. Before it broke up in 1991 the ussr was by far the largest country in the world.

Russia officially called the russian federation is located in eastern europe and stretches from its borders with finland estonia belarus and ukraine through the asian continent where it meets mongolia china and the sea of okhotsk. The russian federation is the largest country on earth spanning over seventeen million square kilometres.

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