Oblivion Map Of Wayshrines

Thats a pic that i found on google it shows you where everything is i think so if you dont wanna know where most. Wayshrines map is a book given to the hero by the prophet.

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The new site is here.

Oblivion map of wayshrines. The wayshrines will not show up on your compass and do not have map markers. For the elder scrolls iv. Wayshrines are altar like structures with roman esque columns around them.

Markers toggle all daedric cities forts inns peaks camps settlements caves ayleid ruins mines oblivion gate wayshrines doomstones runestones nirnroot. Akatosh and julianos have four wayshrines the other divines each have three. The blessing depends on the wayshrine generally fortifying the attribute most closely related to the divine which the.

This simply adds map markers to the wayshrines in cyrodiil. Wayshrines consist of a circle of white columns located in the wilderness. A wayshrine is a shrine to one of the nine divines which bestows a blessing when used.

The map lists all the wayshrines the hero needs to visit for the quest pilgrimage the pilgrims way. A map displaying the wayshrines of the nine divines in cyrodiil the pilgrims way if you wish to repent of your sins and rededicate your life to the gods pray at the wayshrines of the nine. If the hero is worthy and prays at them they will receive a blessing.

Each wayshrine is dedicated to one of the nine divines. Look for open stone circles surrounded by pillars. Type in google something like wayshrines map oblivion guide or suming like that.

A few of the wayshrines are on the same sites as oblivion gates so may not be accessible farther into the main quest. The most stylish map of oblivons cyrodiil now with screenshots and search engine. These shrines to the nine gods are scattered throughout the land.

Interact with the wayshrine to cure all disease restore your your attributes restore up to 200 points of health and. Oblivion on the pc wayshrine locations map by idiosyncrat.

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