Map Of Amerigo Vespucci Route

His other routes are unverified due to conflicting accounts. Introduction although christopher columbus is credited for discovering the new world he always believed he had reached asia.

Amerigo Vespucci

This is amerigo vespuccis route.

Map of amerigo vespucci route. Because of this north and south america bear his name. Amerigo vespucci began his second voyage in 1499 where vespucci explored cape santo agostinho. Signup for our newsletter keep up with scribble maps product announcements and events.

Amerigo vespucci v s p u t i. Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates. Amerigo vespucci claimed he found north america in a book he wrote and a german map maker took him for his word naming it after him.

His third voyage in 1500 was paid for by king manuel i of portugal. This expedition made vespucci the first explorer to arrive in brazil and also the first to cross the equator. March 9 1454 february 22 1512 was an italian explorer financier navigator and cartographer from the republic of florencesailing for portugal around 15011502 vespucci demonstrated that brazil and the west indies were not asias eastern outskirts as initially conjectured from columbus voyages but.

To learn more about what discoveries he found while exploring look at our voyage site. During his travels he discovered portions of south america and islands in the caribbean sea. This is a striking portrait of amerigo vespucci from john ogilbys america one of the seminal english language works on the new world from the 17th century.

Portuguese explorer amerigo vespucci went from the coast of guyana to the amazon river and on his second voyage south from brazil. Yet there is no historical evidence he did what he said he did. He also discovered the amazon.

This is a picture of amerigo vespuccis 2 most know routes. Amerigo vespucci however actually confirmed that it was not asia but instead a separate continent. Like other portraits in the atlas vespucci is depicted surrounded by the tools of the explorer.

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