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The capital is ndjamena. In addition the region has suffered from an increasingly dry climate experiencing a significant decline in rainfall since the early 1960s.

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Lake chad is a diminishing freshwater lake that is shared by chad niger nigeria and cameroonprior to 1973 the size of the lake was 25000 square kilometers.

Lake chad africa map. The countrys terrain is that of a shallow basin that rises gradually from the lake chad area in the west and is rimmed by mountains to the north east and south. But chad simply meant lake in a local dialect. It has been continuously shrinking over the past decades losing 95 of its area since the 1960s.

Found at the intersection of four different countries in west africa chad niger nigeria and cameroon lake chad has been the source of water for massive irrigation projects. Learn more about chad including its people economy and government. Today its less than 2000 square kilometers having dried up considerably according to lake chad basin commission studies lcbc.

Find out all you need to know about lake chad. Chads economy has recently benefited from a series of major oil field and pipeline projects while cattle cotton and gum arabic have long been the traditional economic mainstays. The chari river contributes 95 percent of lake chads water an average annual volume of 40 billion cubic meters 95 of which is lost to evaporation.

To the lakes east there was a. Lac tchad is a historically large shallow endorheic lake in africa which has varied in size over the centuriesaccording to the global resource information database of the united nations environment programme it shrank by as much as 95 from about 1963 to 1998 but the 2007 satellite image shows significant improvement over previous years. The drainage basin is roughly coterminous with the sedimentary basin of the same name but extends further to the northeast and east.

Long term weaknesses include its landlocked position oppressive poverty the shrinking of lake chad and the ever increasing expansion of the sahara desert. The chad basin is the largest endorheic basin in africa centered on lake chadit has no outlet to the sea and contains large areas of desert or semi arid savanna. The seventh largest lake in the world and the fourth largest in africa lake chad is located in the sahelian zone a region just south of the sahara desert.

Because locals referred to the area as chad the europeans called the wetland lake chad and drew it on maps. Chad landlocked state in north central africa. During an average rainy season the water level in the lake is typically 58 meters deep although it has gone through many wet and dry climatic regimes for thousands of years when water levels were much higher or lower than normal.

Lake chads lakebed is flat and shallow so small changes in water level greatly affect its surface water area. Lake chad is an endorheic lake in africa.

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