Kunlun Shan Mountains Map

The climate of the kunlun mountain range varies according to elevation with the lower portions having cool temperate conditions while the upper elevations close to tibet having freezing temperatures. Liushi shan at 23514 feet is its highest peak.

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The highest mountain is the kunlun goddess at 7167 m 23514 ft.

Kunlun shan mountains map. Kunlun mountains chinese pinyin kunlun shan or wade giles romanization kun lun shan mountain system of southern central asiathe kunluns extend west to east some 1250 miles 2000 km from the pamirs in tajikistan in the west to the kunlun pass and the adjacent ranges of central qinghai province in china in the eastburhan budai bayan har and anyemaqen amne machin. Kunlun the kunlun mountains are one of the longest mountain chains in asia extending across wester china and the tibetan plateau. The kunlun shan is a major mountain system in asia.

But these mountains are physically much more closely linked to the pamir group ancient. If you count the central parts its about 2000 km long and inclusive the sub ranges it extends to almost 3000 km. Some authorities claim that the kunlun extends further northwest wards as far as kongur tagh 7649 m and the famous muztagh ata 7546 m.

Kunlun mountains the kunlun mountains constitute one of the longest mountain chains in asia extending for more than 3000 kilometresin the broadest sense the chain forms the northern edge of the tibetan plateau south of the tarim basin. Map of kunlun or kunlun. It is considered as one of the longest mountain chains in the region.

Geographic or orographic maps showing the location of the major mountain ranges of the world. Tien or tian shan the tian shan is a large mountain system located in central asia. Euratlas online world atlas.

The highest mountain of the kunlun shan is the kunlun goddess 7167 m in the keriya area in western kunlun shan. That makes it the second longest range on earth only second to los andes in south america.

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