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Check out our map of magellans journey around the world discover the path the expedition took spanish and portuguese claims and important events that led to the first circumnavigation of the world. Like many of his contemporaries magellan set out to discover a western sea route to the.

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When he reached the pacific he named it pacific which means peaceful.

Ferdinand magellan map route. The route magellan took was pretty straightforward. The ferdinand magellan route took three years to complete from 1519 1522 museo nao victoria. Magellans story is filled with war storms mutiny and hostile native encounters.

Ferdinand magellan was born in sabrosa portugal in 1480 into a noble family. After king manuel i of portugal refused to support his plan to reach india by a new route. Early career in portugal.

September 20 1519 return. Though he was killed in the philippines one of his ships continued westward to spain accomplishing the first circumnavigation of earth. September 6 1522 cape of good hope april 27 1521 magellan killed at mactan pacific ocean atlantic ocean indian ocean ocean magellans route september 20 1519 to april 27 1521 april 27 1521 to.

At 12 magellan became a page to king john ii and queen eleonora. The exact city is unknown. Magellans parents were highly influential portuguese citizens with claims to the portuguese throne.

Next he went around the tip south america. In search of fame and fortune portuguese explorer ferdinand magellan c. By his mid 20s he was sailing in large fleets and was engaged in combat.

Most of the crew including the commanders of the other ships were spaniards and treated magellan with suspicion. Ferdinand magellan is credited for making the first european voyage around the globe click on the world map to view an example of the explorers voyage. Please help fund future development by supporting us on patreon for as little as 1month.

Love making maps on tripline. Ferdinand magellan was a portuguese explorer who organized the spanish expedition to the east indies from 1519 to 1522 resulting in the first circumnavigation of the earth. Ferdinand magellan was a portuguese explorer who led the first expedition to circumnavigate the globe.

Ferdinand magellan route where did ferdinand magellan explore. In 1506 magellan went to the spice islands indonesia to participate in several military and exploratory expeditions. The second reason is human.

About the year 1480 a man by the name of ferdinand magellan was born. Early in his career magellan sailed to india and the far east many times africas cape of good hope. He sailed for his native portugal but a dispute with the portuguese king manoel ii turned him against the portuguese.

As a boy he studied mapmaking and navigation. The best by some distance is the museo nao victoria. How to use the map.

1480 1521 set out from spain in 1519 with a fleet of five ships to discover a western sea route to the spice islands. From spain he sailed around south america discovering the strait of magellan and across the pacific. He was raised up in the court of porugal learning nautical and astronomical sciences.

Maps of the magellan straits and a brief history of ferdinand magellan. Ferdinand magellan was born around 1480 in portugal. Ferdinand magellan 1480 1521 was a portuguese explorer who led the first expedition that sailed around the earth 1519 1522.

In 1510 he was promoted to the rank of. Many believe it was either porto or sabrosa. Here magellan continued his education becoming interested in geography and astronomy.

On september 20 1519 magellan set sail from spain in an effort to find a western sea route to the rich spice islands of indonesia. Explorer route maps this section contains illustrated maps showing the route maps of columbus da gama prince henry ponce de leon samuel de champlain magellan and sir francis drake related activities. Ferdinand magellan m.

A 1561 map of america showing magellans. A map created on tripline. Ferdinand magellan was born in portugal circa 1480.

Exploration route of ferdinand magellan seville spain october 21 1520 strait of magellan may 19 1522 depart. Ferdinand magellan was born in sabrosa near vila real in northern portugal. Opened in 2011 the privately owned museum houses a full sized replica of the first ship to.

After serving as a court page for two years his adventurous spirit led him to a career as an explorer. In command of five ships and 270 men magellan sailed to west. In 1505 he took part in an expedition headed to india to establish portuguese viceroyalty there.

Ferdinand magellan is the english version of his name. He went along the coast of europe down to around africa then cut across the atlantic. He would have been a young child when bartolmeu dias and vasco da gama discovered the eastern route around the tip of africa.

In portuguese his name is fernao de magalhaes. Biography early life ferdinand magellan was born in 1480 in portugal. Ferdinand magellan portuguese navigator and explorer.

Today punta arenas is dotted with memorials to the epic expedition and the ferdinand magellan route.

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