Brazil Amazon Rainforest Map

About 76000 fires were burning across the brazilian amazon at last. Bolivia peru ecuador colombia venezuela guyana suriname and french guiana.

What Will Happen To The Brazilian Rainforest Under Jair Bolsonaro

The amazon rainforest is on fire.

Brazil amazon rainforest map. Brazils plan to save the amazon rainforest. This map shows millions of acres of lost amazon rainforest new data illustrates in painful detail the accelerated loss of brazils forest cover. The amazon jungle as it is commonly known in english is a magnificent broad leafed rainforest in the heart of brazil the basin of which covers an impressive area of 7 million square kilometres or 17 billion acres.

The amazon rainforest is located in 9 different countries but the majority of it around 60 is located in brazil. Where is the amazon rainforest located. The information is freely.

The amazon is a vast forest. Even nasa satellite images. Through july 2019 over 7200 square miles of the brazilian rainforest has burnedan.

How to save the amazon rainforest. You can see exactly where by using the amazon rainforest map below. Beef consumption fuels rainforest destruction.

The smoke from the fires is so intense that sao paulo was plunged into darkness for about an hour on monday afternoon august 20 2019. Our maps show the story. Interactive maps can help you see the extent of the amazon rainforest fires in brazil.

The amazon rainforest is located in south america. Amazon deforestation doesnt make communities richer better educated or healthier. The rainforest is the area of dark green that covers most of the top of the continent.

Future threats to the amazon rainforest. Oil development could destroy the most biodiverse part of the amazon. If youd like to learn more about the amazon rainforest visit our amazon rainforest page.

Today the amazon represents over half about 54 of the planets remaining tropical rainforest regions and protects the largest reserves of natural resources in the world. The forest covers the drainage basin of the amazon river. Most of it is in brazil however significant areas of 7 other countries are all covered by this forest.

The rest of it can be found in peru colombia ecuador bolivia venezuela guyana suriname and french guiana which is technically an overseas territory. Infoamazonia provides a map that shows the fires currently burning in brazil. An amazon rainforest map illustrates the immensity of the amazon rainforest which extends 25 square miles 55 million square kilometers across south america.

One in ten of the worlds known species live in.

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