How to Create a Business Brochure Using Microsoft Word 2003

by Yoan on February 7, 2007

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Most small business owners don’t have huge marketing budgets and end up taking care of marketing materials themselves. This is where Microsoft Word comes in as a lifesaver. In the past, any new business owner could have paid a marketing specialist to develop marketing materials to spread the word about the business and its services. Now, with the help of Microsoft Word and its amazing templates you can create useful marketing tools, such as, business cards, previous knowledge or experience and for zero costs. In this tutorial, I will show you just one example, but you can search among the many different templates options that Word has and create your own marketing masterpieces. A two fold one page brochure is an excellent tool to promote your business, hobby, organization or team. You only need a PC, Microsoft Word, enough 8½ x 11 in. paper, a printer with enough ink and all of your own design inspiration.

Creating brochures are a great way to provide information, but sometimes managing all of the different operations of your business can be overwhelming. To help streamline your businesses performance, consider using a third-party logistics company.

In this tutorial, I’m creating a brochure for a fictitious tutoring service business and here is the information that I will be entering to the brochure – Before beginning to design your brochure, you should have this information ready, so you don’t waste time when you are actually creating the brochure.

Name: Eureka To Go!
Contact Information: Mary Smith
West Miami, FL
Tel# 786-148-7111             
Fax# 786-148-7112
Email: [email protected]

Services: We offer tutoring services in middle and high school English reading, writing and spelling, History, Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Trigonometry.

Price List: Free 1 hr assessment, $40/hr for all areas, & we can tutor in your own home or meet up at a local library or coffee shop.

Brief Intro/Bio: We are specialists in the learning areas of middle and high school English, History, Algebra and Trigonometry. We are a team of former and current teachers with Masters Degrees in all the specified areas and with over 20 years of experience. We can provide the extra time and attention to master the skills that are lacking in English, History and Algebra subjects.

Logo/Art Work: We’ll use some picture from the MS Word Clip Art gallery.

Let’s get started!

1. Go to Start>Programs>Microsoft Word to open the application.

Brochure 1 Screenshot

2. Go to File>New to view the list of available templates. Here, you have the option of using one of the templates that come with the program or downloading one from We are going to download a template so you can see the large variety of brochure templates available online. Click on the “Templates on Office Online” option right under Templates on the right hand side of your screen.

Brochure 2 Screenshot

3. After clicking the “Templates on Office Online” option, the template categories webpage on the website will open. Click on “Brochures” and this will take you to the brochures options page.

Brochure 3 Screenshot

4. Here you will see a group of different options, select number six called Brochure (8 ½ x 11, landscape, 2 fold). I picked this brochure in particular because is simple enough and already comes with some fun formatting like the orange background color. I wanted to use something fun since my brochure is about tutoring services for middle and school students, so it should be something that they can relate to and can be easily marketed to parents and schools. Therefore, depending on your own business need, the templates available online can help you pick the brochure with the right look and feel.

Brochure 4 Screenshot

5. After clicking the chosen brochure template, a new web page will open showing a bigger version of the brochure and giving you the option to download the template. Click on the “download”button and the brochure template will open as a Microsoft Document.

Brochure 5 Screenshot

6. Now you can see the brochure template as a word document, so before going any further go to File>Save as and save the document on your hard drive, I’m calling this document eurekatogo.doc and saving it in a subfolder called Eureka Tutoring business within My Documents folder.

Brochure 6 Screenshot

Please note that you can scroll down to see the front and back of the brochure. You will print it front and back and fold it twice and this way create a one page brochure. You can print it as is before you begin making changes to get the feel of a hard copy and also you can read all the instructions that come printed on the template. This template in particular provides you with neat information and details on how to enhance your brochure. But for our purposes, I’ll show you how to create a simple brochure so I won’t use all the recommendations that are provided within the template

7. Click on the “Adventure Works” and “Customized Turnkey Training Course” text boxes, select the sample text and hit the delete button. Then, enter the name of the business in the first text box and the tag line in the second text box. Click on the bottom text box labeled “Future Solutions Now” and delete the box completely since we’ll not be using this box.

Brochure 7 Screenshot

8. Go to Insert>Picture>ClipArt, and type in “school” in the “Search For” box to find art work related to school since the brochure is about learning and teaching. Click the “Go” button. Make sure you have the sample art work selected because once you select the new artwork it will automatically replace it. Select the third clip art on the right column, a young girl with an A paper.

Brochure 8 Screenshot

Brochure 9 Screenshot

9. Now, we’ll work in the middle of the document where the logo and contact information can be entered. Click on the logo box and hit the delete button (I don’t have an actual logo for this brochure but depending on your particular needs you may keep this or not. All you would have to do is insert your own logo in that designated space by going to Insert>Picture>Clipart or Insert>Picture>From file). Click on the text box below the logo box, select the sample text and hit the delete key, then enter your own contact information. In this case, I will enter the contact information included at the beginning of the tutorial.

Brochure 10 Screenshot

10. In this step, we’ll work with sample text boxes labeled “How to Create A Brochure”and “What Else Should I Know?” Select the second box and delete it completely. Select the text in first box and delete it, then enter a list of the tutoring services subjects.

Brochure 11 Screenshot

11. Scroll down to the second page of the document to work on the inside text of the brochure. This is what it looks like.

Brochure 12 Screenshot

Select the text box labeled “How to customize this brochure,” select the sample content and delete it, then enter the title “About Us” and type in the brief introduction already provided at the beginning of the tutorial. Then select the text box labeled “Working with breaks,” select the sample content and delete it, then enter the price list. Select the sample text boxes labeled “About the picture” fonts,” “Working with spacing,” “Other brochure tips,” and “Brochure ideas”and delete them completely as we will not be using them in this particular example. Then, select the text box with the contact information and reenter the contact information, this serves a second reminder to people. To fill up the white space, we’ll insert a couple of neat looking school related art work in the next step.

Brochure 13 Screenshot

13. Go to Insert>Picture>Clip Art and do a search for “school” to find more art work related to school. We’ll insert three to fill out the white space. Select the second clipart on the right column, and select the second, third, and fourth clipart from the left column. Remember to select one at a time. Each will appear on the brochure. Click on each of them and drag them to the desired location within the brochure. If you cannot drag them after selecting, you may have to format its layout, so just select the clipart and right click, then go to format picture and a format picture pop up menu will appear, click on the layout tab and select the option “in front of text” as this will allow you to resize it and move it wherever you may desire even place it in front the text. In the image below, you will see where I placed those four pieces of art work.

Brochure 14 Screenshot

14. In this last step, you will print the brochure. Go to File>Print and select to print only the first page, then once this page is printed flip it and select to print the second page so that it prints on the other side of the paper. Once you have both sides printed fold it twice and you will have a business brochure

Brochure 15 Screenshot

Well done! See how in a few simple steps you learned the basics of creating a brochure. Now all you have to do is print and fold. Good luck spreading the word!

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