How to Autoformat an Excel Spreadsheet Instantly

by Yoan on May 15, 2008

auto format excel

In this short tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the AutoFormat feature. The Autoformat feature lets you pick from a group of pre-canned table formatting options to format your table or spreadsheet instantly.

1.Go to File>Open to open a new or existing workbook. Enter the data or select the already existing data, and go to Format>AutoFormat.

2.Next, the Autoformat pop up window appears, and you’ll be able to review a group of templates.
auto format 1
3.Once you select one and click OK, the selected sheet or range of data will be automatically formatted like the template that you just selected from the AutoFormat list.
auto format 2
Great! Now you’ve discovered how useful the Autoformat feature can be to your everyday business ritual, specially when you don’t have time to play around with formatting a spreadsheet.

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