How to Make Business Cards in Microsoft Word 2003

by Yoan on May 27, 2007

make business cards

So now you need to know how to make business cards? You finally did it, and started your own business. It’s exciting, scary and expensive, so if you are like most new small business owners, then you probably have a budget and are trying to keep costs to a minimum. One of the most important things to do is to market your new business and get the word out there that you have new products and services to offer. In keeping costs down, Microsoft Word is fantastic in helping you develop your own marketing materials.

In this lesson, I will you show how to create your own business cards in Microsoft Word.

For this lesson, we’ll pretend that your new business is about financial consulting. First, you will need to have Microsoft Word 2003 or above, access to the internet to download the template, the special paper to print business cards, and finally have an extra toner for your printer. You can buy the special paper at an office supply store like Office Depot For example, you can get the Avery Packet for about $15.99 at Office Depot, which brings 200 cards of 2″ X 3 1/2″ size.

We’ll use the following fictitious business contact information:
Mary Smith
Money Hope
Certified Financial Planner
P.O. Box 90088
Miami, FL 36754
Tel 788-908-5567
Fax 788-908-5568
[email protected]

Let’s get started!

1. Go to Start>Programs>Internet Explorer (or your particular internet browser) to access the internet. Enter the Microsoft internet address, and hit enter or the search button. The main web page should look like the image below.
create cards

2. Click on “Downloads & Trials” located to the upper right hand corner of the web page.
create business card step 1

3. Now click on the “Office Templates” option and a new web page will open.
create business card step 2

4. Here you will see the office online template web page. Enter “business cards templates” in the search box (located to the upper left hand corner right under the menu options) and click the search button or hit Enter.
create business card step 3

5. Go down and click on option four called “General Business Cards” to select it. Please note you need to check the template’s program version and make sure you have that program version installed in your computer or you will not be able to download the template; for example, the template we are using in this lesson requires version Word 97 or later and we are using Word 2003, so we should not have any problems downloading this template.
create business card step 4

6. Now click on the “Download Now” button to download the template. Next, Microsoft Word will open automatically with the template as a new document.
create business card step 5

7. In this step, you see that the template opens up in Microsoft Word. Before customizing the template, go to File>Save As and save the template as new document so that you don’t loose any work.
create business card step 6

8. Now enter the business contact information into the template as seen below. You can enter the information for all the card entries or just enter it once and copy and paste in the other entries. You will be able to print ten business cards from one sheet of paper.
create business card step 7

create business card step 8

9. Finally, go to File>Print Preview to preview the sheet, then place the special business card paper in your printer and print one test page to make sure the information prints successfully. After testing it, then feel free to insert a couple of sheets of paper and print several pages at once. With just five printed sheets of paper, you will have 50 business cards ready, and then just carefully tear each card individually, the paper comes pre-perforated to allow for easy tearing.
create business card step 9

You did it! See how easy and fast was to create your own business cards? Now, It’s good to create your own business cards, even if its just to use as a proof in order to show your print shop. And if you have other more sophisticated programs like Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Outlook you can find other fantastic templates for business cards if you want to create new ones or change old ones. Good luck handing out your new cards!

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